The reviews are in: Florida clinic is a sham

If you try searching for Dr Kevin Hornsby or even Florida Men’s Clinic, you will not find any positive reviews.
People either were scammed or the treatment didn’t work, or even brought more harm than good.

Here are some notable example of said reviews:
Review titled “Total Rip Off

“Over sold and ‘customized’ prescription did not work as advertised. Nasty and unresponsive when I returned all their flawed product and requested a refund. They refused to refund or address the core issue: their product did not work like the sucker ‘trial’ test. Further, they sold a ‘years’ supply, though the med clearly states that it has a shelf life of 6 months. My internist at the Cleveland Clinic told me to avoid the testosterone cream this clinic is promoting. Said it could be dangerous to my endocrine system. Recommend avoid Florida Men’s Clinic. They are fundamentally fraudsters. There are many competent providers of ED services in South FL. This group is not among them.”

User in comment had similar experience:

“You could not be more correct. I enrolled in their Pulse ED and PRP program in early 2019.

The doctor was an orthopedic doctor, he never followed up on my lack of progress half way through the program until I complained and then he prescribed medications that I could not take because they could cause a heart attack in conjunction with the heart medications I was taking (and of which they were aware from forms I filled out at first appointment). Normally they have a patient take 2 weeks off in the middle of the program, but since I would not be in Florida long enough to take the break and complete the program, they said it would not effect the results not to have the break. My condition did not improve and in fact worsened. They refused to refund my $4,600 and offered to retreat me.

Obviously I refused retreatment-who would trust them.

Also when I tried to get a refund later they kept stringing me along and finally just didn’t respond. FOR YOUR OWN GOOD DO NOT UTILIZE FORT MYER’S MEN’S CLINIC-ITS A SCAM.”

This next one is pretty long, but deserves some recognition:

“Scam doctor hard selling ED cures and he is banned. Dr. Kevin M. Hornsby, MD, founder and president of the Florida Men’s Medical Clinic chain, has been dealt with a lifetime ban for prescribing testosterone to any patient. Kevin Hornsby; Dr. Kevin Hornsby; Kevin Hornsby, MD; Dr. Kevin Hornsby MD; Men’s Medical Clinics; Men’s Medical Clinics; Florida Men’s Medical Clinic; and The Hornsby Method. According to a Florida Department of Health Enforcement Alert in June, Hornsby was fined $20,000 and ordered to pay $7,462 in costs for prescribing testosterone to a patient in Florida on February 15, 2010, without doing the required baseline laboratory blood analysis, falling below the medical standard of care. Testosterone is a dangerous anabolic steroid and a controlled substance monitored carefully by the Department of Health. Hornsby treats men for erectile dysfunction at fourteen medical clinics in Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Ft. Lauderdale operating as Florida Men’s Medical Clinic. He also operates Pennsylvania Men’s Medical Clinic in Philadelphia, Georgia Men’s Medical Clinic in Atlanta, Maryland Men’s Medical Clinic in Silver Spring, MD, New Jersey Men’s Medical Clinic in Paramus, NJ, New York Men’s Medical Clinic in New York City, Massachusetts Men’s Medical Clinic in Framingham, MA, Ohio men’s medical Clinic in Independence, OH, Michigan Men’s Medical Clinic in Detroit, and Minnesota Men’s Medical Clinic in Minneapolis. The complaint lists Hornsby, 49, residing at 911 West Park Drive in Celebration, FL. The Florida Secretary of State’s Office shows Florida Men’s Medical Clinic, LLC headquarters at 5728 Major Blvd., Suite 750, in Orlando, FL. The Florida Medical Board also said in addition to not doing the required baseline blood testing Hornsby committed medical malpractice by not referring men to a urologist for proper evaluation, failed to practice medicine with the proper level of care, skill and treatment, prescribed testosterone without a diagnose of hypogonadism and medical justification, and failed to provide an appropriate treatment plan. In addition to the steep fine plus costs and the lifetime ban on prescribing testosterone, the medical board also issued Hornsby a formal letter of concern, ordered him to complete courses on prescribing controlled drugs and proper record keeping, complete ten hours of continuing medical education in diagnosing and treating erectile dysfunction and appear in person before the full medical board. For more information on the sanctions and ban on Kevin M. Hornsby, MD, visit the Florida State Health website. Hornsby’s medical clinic currently has a F rating with the Better Business Bureau and an alert.****#”

And the final one is definitely the head-turner:

“It was all about money. The owners didn’t care about taking care of customers. Dr Hornsby lies and says all of the sales gimmicks were because of a criminal partner he linked up with with when in reality, he was just as bad. Tons of employees haven’t been paid. They keep changing the names of the companies. Went from Men’s Medical Clinic to Ethos Institute to something else. They are hiding.”

It seem to me that Dr Hornsby and his clinic are in the position of whatever the need to do it will probably go wrong.
My advice to him will be a public apology and a change of career.

Author: Jeremy Cox

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