Doctor at Florida impotency clinic is suspended

Dr. Kevin Hornsby is the clinic’s figurehead — its founder, the author of its self-published book about ED, and the namesake of the Hornsby Method of treatment. The method often involves older medications such as papaverine, phentolamine and alprostadil, which were ultimately replaced by pills such as Viagra and Levitra because of their painful method of administration — by short-needle injection into the penis.

Pictures online show Horns­by on the July 2010 cover of Physician Times Today, a magazine produced by Megabucks Marketing for clients who want to create “instant credibility, authority, believability and celebrity status,” according to the marketing firm’s website.

Hornsby is board certified in family medicine and was trained at the University of Alabama-Birmingham. In June, he agreed to disciplinary action by the Florida Board of Medicine based on a complaint that he prescribed testosterone and injected medication without the proper tests or urology consult.

In addition to a fine, Hornsby agreed to complete a course titled “Prescribing Controlled Drugs: Critical Issues and Common Pitfalls of Misprescribing” and to never prescribe testosterone in Florida again.

Author: Jeremy Cox

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