Chris Morgan: Bagel Boss Man Has Movies of Different Encounters on YouTube


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Chris Morgan has been recognized as the person within the Bagel Boss viral video.

Chris Morgan has been recognized as the person who went on a rant about his peak and about ladies earlier than being tackled to the bottom at a Bagel Boss in Lengthy Island in a viral video. The 45-year-old Morgan is just not a stranger to confrontations with folks in public. He has a YouTube channel documenting a few of his earlier encounters.

The 5-foot-tall Morgan was indignant in the course of the viral video as a result of he thought ladies on the bagel store have been making enjoyable of him due to his peak. His concern that persons are mocking him for being brief is a constant theme within the YouTube movies he recorded and posted on-line beforehand.

The viral incident occurred on July 10 on the Bagel Boss location on Montauk Freeway in Bay Shore. You’ll be able to watch the movies right here. 18-year-old Diana Reyes mentioned she began filming as a result of Morgan was getting within the face of her good friend, 19-year-old Olivia Bradley, after Bradley confronted Morgan for being impolite to the feminine workers of the Bagel Boss.

“This man walked into bagel boss this morning flipping out on a employee that was making his breakfast calling her names and claiming she had a smerk [sic] on her face when different folks acquired concerned telling him to cease being impolite and sticking up for the working that is what occurred,” Reyes’ caption mentioned. “He started ranting about ladies within the store.”

Within the viral video, Morgan will be seen yelling about how ladies reject him on courting apps as a result of he’s 5 toes tall and saying that when he’s in public he will get the identical “smirk” and “lip chew” from ladies he thinks are laughing at him. When a person tells him to settle down, he will get into his chest and asks if he desires to take it exterior. A second man additionally intervenes and Morgan challenges him. As he tells the second man, “assault me,” the person obliges and tackles him right down to the bottom. Reyes mentioned she stopped filming at that time due to the chaos. One other video reveals Morgan slamming his bagel down on the bottom whereas persevering with to have a tantrum, earlier than ultimately taking his breakfast order and leaving the shop.

Suffolk County Police say they responded to the Bagel Boss about 9:30 a.m. for a report of two males combating inside. When officers arrived they discovered that nobody was injured. No arrests have been made. It’s not clear if an investigation continues to be ongoing.

Bagel Boss advised the New York Submit that the person didn’t pay for his breakfast — a complete wheat bagel with one egg white and swiss cheese — earlier than leaving the shop. Bagel Boss’ proprietor, Donald Rosner, has turned the viral video right into a advertising and marketing alternative. He tweeted, “A MESSAGE FROM BAGEL BOSS: After todays incident everyone seems to be okay! Use warning on courting websites and anybody who comes into our places and mentions this video can get a FREE MINI BAGEL!!!!!!!!”

Right here’s what you have to find out about Chris Morgan:

Morgan Has YouTube Movies Displaying Him in Confrontations at a 7-Eleven, a Library, a Bar & With a Neighbor & He Calls a Girl a ‘Ghetto Hoodrat’ in One other Video

chris morgan bagel boss youtube channel

Chris Morgan, of Bagel Boss viral video fame, has an intensive YouTube channel.

Morgan’s web legacy started yesterday when he went viral for his Bagel Boss tirade, however it’s removed from the primary time he has leaned into face-to-face confrontations.

Morgan’s YouTube channel is crammed with first-hand accounts, sometimes filmed from the attitude of Morgan, of different confrontations he has discovered himself in. In his most up-to-date video posted to his channel, Morgan confronts two 7/11 staff, who he claimed requested him about his peak as an alternative of greeting him like a standard buyer.

“I simply convey this to the counter, to pay for my sh*t,” Morgan mentioned pointing his digital camera at a espresso and a donut sitting in entrance of the gasoline station clerk. You don’t say ‘hello, how ya doing,’ the very first thing out of your mouth is what’s my peak.”

Morgan then presses the person asking him what nation he’s from. After the person tells Morgan he’s from Pakistan, he turns his diatribe focused on peak right into a racist tirade calling Pakistan a “third-world rest room nation.”

“Pakistan? Actually? You know the way a lot cash our nation provides you? F*cking third-world rest room international locations,” Morgan mentioned. “If it wasn’t for our nation, you wouldn’t be working right here.”

After Morgan’s tirade, the police have been referred to as and Morgan continued filming. Via the recorded dialog with the police officer Morgan reveals that he owns a cleansing firm and that he’s residing in his automotive.

“If I requested a woman how large her tits are, is that harassment?” Morgan requested the police officer attempting to assert the 2 incidents are the identical.

Morgan pleaded with the law enforcement officials who arrived on the scene to do one thing, however the officer mentioned there may be nothing he can do over a “remark you don’t like.”

One other Video Reveals Morgan Calling a Girl a ‘Ghetto Skank’

In one other video, titled “Ghetto hoodrat cuts in entrance of me to make use of toilet,” Morgan movies a girl and her youngsters who he claimed cursed in entrance of him and her youngsters.

“Take a look at this lady right here cursing in entrance of her youngsters,” Morgan says, once more hiding behind his digital camera. “Did you hear the language popping out of this lady’s mouth?”

An altercation broke out after the lady acquired nearer to Morgan, as he claimed she smacked the cellphone out of his hand.

The video turns into indiscernible, and a baby will be heard crying within the background. Morgan will be heard calling for the supervisor to return over and deal with the scenario. He calls the lady a b*tch and tries to get the supervisor to throw her out of the actual retailer they’re in.

“F*ck you, you ghetto skank. You’re a loser ghetto skank,” Morgan mentioned because the video reduce off.

Morgan Continues His Reign of Confrontation, Filming Movies of Him Confronting Library Employees and Folks in a Bar

In a scenario that continues to be unclear all through the video, Morgan will be heard speaking to library staff. One of many staff insists that Morgan stops videotaping her as she threatens to get the police concerned.

“I’m not allowed to videotape? That is my proper. I need to make it possible for no fact is twisted,” Morgan mentioned.

The lady whom Morgan is videotaping claimed that her rights have been being violated as a result of she doesn’t need to be videotaped, however finally nothing comes of the scenario moreover one other instance of why Chris Morgan is the king of confrontation.

In one other video titled, “Fats f*ck at Grizzlies Bar in Bay Shore,” Morgan continues his documentation of height-fueled diatribes as he confronts a bigger man in Jets jersey as he hurls obscenities in direction of the person who Morgan claims did him incorrect.

“Ragging on my peak all day, you fats f*ck,” Morgan yelled throughout the bar because the video begins. “All you ladies for the large bullies.”

Morgan seems to be accompanied by a girl who appears to be collaborating in Morgan’s tirade, for unknown causes.

The person who Morgan was apparently yelling at at first of the video comes exterior with Chris to try to treatment the scenario.

“Chris, we’ve been hanging out all f*cking day,” the person mentioned. “Chris, I didn’t say sh*t, I mentioned they simply left as a result of Romeo left. That’s all I mentioned.”

The ladies who Morgan seems to be defending curses the person within the Jets jersey earlier than strolling away and earlier than the video ends.

One other Video Reveals Morgan Harassing His Neighbor, Who He Claims Owes Him Cash

In a video titled, “Albert Colao (the con artist)” Morgan is proven asking his neighbor the place his cash is. All through the video, Morgan claims that the person within the video, presumably Albert Colao, owes him $1500.

Exterior of the side of the cash and the threats Morgan makes towards Colao about taking him to small claims court docket, that is simply one other instance of Morgan recording his confrontations.

Why Morgan posted it to YouTube is unknown, nevertheless it turns into clear very early within the video that Morgan is just not happy along with his neighbor.

“Hear, you’re out of line,” Colao tells Morgan.

“Bullsh*t, you’re out of f*cking line,” Morgan retorts.

Exterior of the obscenities thrown backwards and forwards between the 2 Lengthy Island males, the video is only a lengthy narrative from the attitude of Morgan asking for the cash this man allegedly owes him.

Morgan, a Divorced Cleansing Firm Proprietor, Says He Is Glad the Bagel Boss Video Went Viral & Calls Himself the Trendy Day Martin Luther King

In an interview with the Every day Mail, Morgan shares moments that led as much as the viral Bagel Boss confrontation.

After claiming the lady behind the counter didn’t make his order, after being requested his order 3 times, Morgan mentioned the lady claimed she couldn’t perceive him.

“The third time, she smirked along with her buddies,’ he mentioned. “She was laughing and speaking along with her buddies, placing her hand over her mouth and laughing, like ladies do after they reject me on a date.”

Morgan mentioned the confrontation reminded him of a number of dates he went on with ladies.

“I’m sick of getting continuously lied to and used on dates. After which they dump me. They inform me I’m too brief,” he advised the Every day Mail. “They don’t have a job, or a job nearly as good as mine. They don’t have a automotive. They’re extra chubby… and they’re judging ME?”

He mentioned the Bagel Boss incident was his tipping level and he’s contemplating urgent costs in opposition to the person who tackled him.

“I acquired to the purpose the place I’d had sufficient,” he added. “I used to be telling them I couldn’t breathe. The man was holding me down. I had my shirt over my head and I used to be attempting to name 911.”

After his divorce in 2007, Morgan appeared to carry onto a disdain in direction of men and women who’re bigger than him.

“I’m simply not tolerating this anymore,” Morgan declared. “A few of these ladies discovered it humorous. That’s why I’ve resentment in direction of ladies. I discover all of them to be silly, gold-digging liars.”

The 5’0″ Morgan calls himself a prophet and the trendy day Martin Luther King.

“I’ve a mission. The women hate me, they don’t like me, that’s nice,” he added. “I’m not stopping and the world goes to listen to me. I would like equality for everyone.”

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